The Zen Den Mindfulness Space

Elisha Clark Halpin

January 7 to February 1

With Zen Den Mindfulness Space, Associate Professor of Theatre Elisha Clark Halpin presents her ongoing research and practices on demystifying the science of the stress responses. Halpin’s intention in her teaching and sharing is in creating accessible and engaging ways in which practitioners can reduce stress, increase creativity, and bring more fulfilment to their lives. In her work, Halpin utilizes her work with the Neurosculpting® Institute and the HeartMath® Institute on processes that guides individuals through the release of old patterns of stress to create new habits and behaviors. 

During the run of the project, Halpin will hold talks, classes, and workshops that introduce general audiences to mindfulness practices as well as Neurosculpting® Meditation, and HeartMath® activities that can improve health, sharpen focus, and contribute to positive wellbeing. Students, faculty, staff, and community members of all ages and experience levels are invited to participate on a drop-in basis. Please see the schedule posted in the space for details on daily events.

Halpin’s project will be on view from January 7—February 1, 2019.