SUSTAINABILITY ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION | Sustainability Teaching and Community Engagement

Mihyun Kang, Assistant Director for Sustainability in the College of Arts and Architecture and Research Professor within Stuckeman School

November 11

NOVEMBER 11 | 11:30 AM-1:00 PM

Facilitators: Ilono Ballreich, Sustainable Communities Collaborative Manager, Sustainability Institute & Peter Boger, Asst. Director for Community Outreach and Engagement, Sustainability Institute

The Sustainability Roundtable Series is supported by the Borland Project Space (BPS), the Center for Pedagogy in Arts and Design (C-PAD), the Center for Performing Arts (CPA), and the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence (SITE).  This roundtable will be used as a forum to enhance the sustainability educational experience for those with us at Penn State.  Discussed will be the transformation and innovation of sustainability education content and pedagogy which we seek to embed sustainability competencies into courses and integrate sustainability into our culture.