Golumbic Scholarship Exhibition

Penn State College of Arts and Architecture

March 25 to April 5

The Reuben and Gladys Golumbic Scholarship Award is one of the most significant awards in the College of Arts and Architecture. This award recognizes undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior design, humanistic, and performance records and who have proven their potential for significant contribution to the arts and humanities. This exhibition presents the work of the 2019 nominees. Borland Project Space hosts the projects for presentations, judging, and public viewing. A reception will be held on March 28 from 4:00-5:00 PM to celebrate the winners and offer viewers a chance to speak with candidates and judges alike.


Project dates to remember:

Open to the public: March 25 – April 5, 2019

Tuesday, March 26 | 5:00-9:00 PM

Faculty presentations to Arts and Architecture Scholarship and Awards Committee at its meeting in BPS, followed by judging.

Reception: March 28 4-5PM

Wednesday, April 3 | 3:00-4:00 PM

Awards presented to students as part of the College Spring Awards Ceremony.



Audrey Buck: Stuckman School/Department of Architecture | Design Category 

Alexandria Chomyn: Arts and Architecture, Landscape Architecture | Design Category 

Amina Faye: School of Theatre, Musical Theatre | Performance Category 

Noah Guth: Theatre Design and Technology | Design Category 

Caleb Smith: School of Theatre, Musical Theatre | Humanistic Category 

Sadie Spivey: School of Music | Performance Category 

Sean Sweeney: Arts and Architecture, Landscape Architecture | Humanistic Category