The Feminine Eternal

Elisha Clark Halpin & Megan Moore

August 24 to September 26

The Feminine Eternal project is a physical exploration of female archetypes, goddesses, saints, and the myths that surround them. The project explores the wisdom that is within the Female in her many forms, and how that can be accessed, shared, and facilitated through the body.

I am interested in how the idea of the goddess, prophetess, warrior, wise woman, miracle worker/saint, earth mother, and other female archetypes, are relevant to the modern woman. How can their stories enable women to embrace their physical forms? What can be gained from exploring their stories and myths through movement, text, and also visually? By kinesthetically exploring the translation and interpretation of these archetypes and their surrounding myths, an opportunity arises for a thorough and profound demonstration of the Female in moving forms.

Workshops for Women to explore goddess myths, share stories, and to physicalize the Female, are being presented as part of the Borland Project Space residency. There will also be open rehearsals each week where people are invited to explore research materials and directly witness the creation process.