Conceptualizing “Los Caprichos” for the Palmer Museum

Andy Schulz

January 5 to January 28

During the month of January, Andy Schulz will be working in the Borland Project Space in preparation for the upcoming exhibition of Francisco Goya’s Caprichos that he is guest curating for the Palmer Museum of Art.

The works on the walls are full-scale reproductions of the eighty prints that comprise Goya’s landmark print series.  When Goya published the prints in 1799, he numbered them from 1 to 80 and sold set of the print series bound in paper.  For the exhibition, we plan to hang the prints thematically, rather than following Goya’s 1-80 numbering

Schulz's primary tasks in the Project Space are:

  1. Determining the thematic groupings that we will follow in installing the exhibition.  These groupings need to be intellectually and visually compelling, while at the same time taking into account the physical arrangement of the Palmer’s temporary exhibition galleries, a plan of which is adjacent.


  1. Determining whether introductory texts are necessary for each of the thematic groupings and, if so, writing those texts.


  1. Writing labels for each of the eighty prints that comprise the series.


  1. Determining what sorts of introductory texts are appropriate and necessary in order to frame the exhibition for visitors to the museum.  Drafts of those texts are on this wall.

In formulating his ideas for the exhibition, Schulz has relied on the work done by the 19 students in the course he taught in fall 2014 on “The Art of Francisco Goya.”  Those students did individual as well as group projects on the Caprichos, with particular attention to thinking about the themes at play in Goya’s print series.

Over the course of my residency, Schulz will be working in the project space on a regular basis from 3 to 5 p.m.   Please feel free to stop by and chat with him about the exhibition, or email him to set up a time.